I.C.A.R.E. 4 Y.A.
Infinite Compassion Action Relief Effort 4 Youth & Adults.
                                                                                                  "Working with At-Risk Youth and Homeless"

Welcome to our Website. We are a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working with at-risk youth, transitional-age teens and homeless.

The reflection behind I.C.A.R.E 4 Y.A
Is to provide love and mentor ship for homeless and at-risk youth. We work directly with youth and young adults whom feel misunderstood or left out; providing love, support, and confidence that we care. Collaborative services are provided to teens going through emancipation or "aging out" of the foster care system. Our efforts include initiating housing for the emancipated foster teens as well as aiding homeless youth off the streets.

The I C.A.R.E 4 Y.A team
strives to break down physical and emotional barriers; building trust with youth, young adults, and to meet the needs of the community. Currently, I.C.A.R.E 4 Y.A. is based in Orange County, however, we plan to expand to other areas in the future. In these efforts we have created 4 programs to assist our youth and homeless.

Foster Children
I.C.A.R.E.4Y.A volunteers involved in this program provide children in the foster care system with consistent mentoring, giving them a sense of stability in their lives. Through activities such as spending quality time together, helping with homework and attending activities tailored to the child's interests, volunteers have the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

At-risk Youth and Young Adults
Youth who have been identified as “at risk” are a vital part of our world’s future, and I.C.A.R.E.4Y.A believes in the potential of all individuals. Volunteers assist at-risk youth in staying focused on their education and their future by identifying their interests and generating the resources needed to get involved with the positive activities they enjoy, which contribute to a promising future.

Transitional-Age Youth 
As teens “age out” of the foster care system, many no longer have the support and resources needed to reach their goals. Without guidance, they often turn to drugs, alcohol, and gangs in an effort to numb their feelings
hopelessness. I.C.A.R.E. 4 Y.A. volunteers provide support and assistance to transitional-age teens as they navigate through the emancipation process.

Operation Feed The Homeless (OFTH)  
OFTH is one of our newest projects were we feed the homeless every 2 weeks in down town Santa Ana. As homeless men, women and children are living on the streets all over Santa Ana and a huge portion of them come from the foster care system, it is our goal to provide love, mentoring, resources and hope to these men, women and children who feel like there's no hope in life. 

We do not require that you belong to any particular religious affiliation. We do ask as you volunteer that you vow to love these kids, at-risk youth and homeless and that you return one good deed with another and perform an act of kindness. This way, the cycle of compassion and goodwill continues indefinitely.



 We are always looking for volunteers. 

Call (562) 842-4074 for details.



I.C.A.R.E. 4 Y.A.
(562) 842 4074

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